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Preschool & Prekindergarten

Building a foundation for lifelong learning

We offer tuition-free and fee-based preschool and prekindergarten classes for children ages 3-5. Preschool or prekindergarten programming is available at Arbor View Early Childhood Center, Willow Lane Early Childhood Center, and all 17 elementary schools in the district.

pre-k students and teacher during playtime

EC&FE Virtual Preschool and PreK Information Fair

For more information about Preschool and Prekindergarten programs, check out the virtual information fair!

View Virtual Preschool and PreK Information Fair

Preschool for Threes

Fee-based program held at Arbor View Early, Cedar Island and Willow Lane. 

Prekindergarten for Fours and Fives

Fee-based program held at Arbor View, Basswood, Cedar Island, Elm Creek, Oak View, Rice Lake, Willow Lane and Woodland.

Prekindergarten Curriculum Guide

Show curiosity and motivation; attend, engage, and persist; use symbols and images to represent something not present. 

Create an individual artistic pattern and use art for self-expression.

Use number concepts and operations to measure, identify patterns, and determine spatial relationships.

Use scientific inquiry skills to observe, question, investigate, experiment, evaluate, and communicate.

Regulate emotions and behaviors, participate cooperatively in a group, and form relationships with peers and adults.

Identify similarities and differences in people and their roles in the community while exploring and questioning cultural traditions.

Half-Day, Every Day Prekindergarten

Tuition-free program held at Birch Grove, Crest View, Edinbrook, Fair Oaks, Garden City, Palmer Lake, Park Brook and Zanewood STEAM

Four Star Express Pre-K + Care

Fee-based program that incorporates child care and prekindergarten classes at Basswood, Cedar Island, Fernbrook, Oak View, Rice LakeRush CreekWeaver Lake and Woodland.